AIDS Family & Youth Foundation

AIDS Family & Youth Foundation
Our Community’s Need
The target area for AIDS Family & Youth Foundation (Alameda and Contra Costa counties) has a population of over 2.5 million residents, and is one of the most ethnically diverse in the nation. However, approximately 20% of the households live below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level, in a region with one of the highest costs of living in the nation.*

An estimated 10, 243 persons are living with HIV/AIDS in our target area, which averages out to 577 cases per 100,000 people — higher than either Los Angeles or New York!*

The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to strike a devastating blow to the community in this region. African-American women represent only 12% of the community, however constitute nearly 66% of people living with HIV, and the great majority of these women have families that depend on them.*

Nearly 25% of all people infected with HIV in the area are women, infants, children or young persons less than 24 years of age — by far, the highest percentage in the Western United States!*

Funds for social services continue to get slashed, pushing at-risk families out of programs designed to help them stay healthy, both financially and emotionally. As HIV has transitioned to more of a long-term disease, families are struggling more than ever to survive, let alone thrive.

AIDS Family & Youth Foundation efficiency of operation results in nearly 99% of all product and money donations received going directly toward providing worldwide relief to those living in unimaginable poverty that is instead of administration and fund raising as determined by the percentage of total expenses devoted to programs.

In accordance with IRS regulations, AIDS Family & Youth Foundation files IRS form 990 annually. We also report in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Industry Audit Guide.

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2013 Form 990
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2013 Audited Financial Statements
2012 Audited Financial Statements

* (Statistics from the “Oakland TGA Comprehensive HIV Services Plan, 2012-2014?)